Store Policies


At this time, there may be a wait for clothing drop offs. Other items could most likely be priced on the spot. Please call our Leon Valley Location at 210-995-9766 for specific store wait times and details. 

Drop Offs:

Due to limited storage space, Please be advised that any drop offs left for more than 2-weeks after we have contacted owner of items with an offer must be picked up or transaction completed. Any drop offs not picked up within the 2-weeks will be considered donated by the owner. We will make every effort to reach the owner (wrong number, voice mail full, out of town) no exceptions.


At KooKidResale, safety always comes first. All items brought to the store must meet the Child Safety Laws before we can purchase them.

Items we cannot accept are: wooden painted toys, toys small enough to choke on, metal toys, magnetic toys, plastic books, drop side cribs, draw strings more than 3", anything recalled, or anything expired. 

Clothing/ Item Requirements:

We pay for each item depending on brand, condition, and style. Tears, missing buttons, broken zippers, or stains will not be accepted.

All items must be visibly clean and in working condition. No missing parts. Clothing should be folded in boxes, bins, or baskets. We will only accept bags from first timers without prior knowledge to our policies.

Please do not be offended if we cannot accept some of your items. This may happen due to overstock, season, or recent recalls.


We pay 33% in cash for what the item(s) can sell for in our stores. We can also exchange store credit at 40% for what we think the item(s) can sell for in our stores. One exception includes Similac ($5 per can). Another exception includes larger items like strollers, cradle swings, high chairs, etc; which we might give more than the above percentages depending on condition, brand, and style.


No refunds for paid merchandise. However, we will do exchanges if the tags are still on merchandise and in same condition as when bought.

Please, no outside food or drinks. We try to keep our items in as best condition as possible.

We at Kool Kids Resalgreatly appreciate your business and would love to hear from you! Please go to our contact page if you believe you need further details not provided on this page.

Thank You!

Rose McLaughlin
Kool Kids Resale Owner

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