Proud Supporter

Kool Kids Resale proudly supports United Nations foundation and Plan, two well known organizations fighting for human rights through out the world.

I believe that through each of us we can make the difference for higher education, protection, and basic human rights for all.

The United Nations Foundation and Plan continue to fight the fight to stop human trafficking, child brides, and injustice for victims of rape.

Let's join the fight together to end poverty, atrocities committed against women and children, and give women and their children equal opportunities.

Kool Kids Resale will donate 10% of profits on Thursdays to these two organizations: 

Thank you! God bless!

Rose McLaughlin

Thank you for all of your kind donations! Kool Kids has been able to provide these items with your help!

June 2012
  • 1 Goat to provide milk and food for a family
  • 3 Baby Chicks to provide food in the future
  • 1 Hygiene Kit for a girl to attend school
  • A pair of socks and shoes for a child to attend school!

December 2012
  • 3 Baby Chicks to provide food in the future
  • School Supplies for a Child to attend school
  • Water Purification Tablets for a family
  • Literacy for a Girl for higher education

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